EDINBURGH PILATES - Pilates Just For You

Here you can expect to find the Pilates class with a difference!

Have you ever felt lost and bewildered at the back of a class unable to see clearly what it is you are expected to do? You think you might be doing the movement correctly ...

Edinburgh Pilates is designed to give you a more personal and improved quality of class. With classes held in a beautiful and relaxed environment and with small groups of between two and four you can expect to receive warm and friendly yet detailed and precise instruction and guidance throughout each class.

All Pilates movements are given with clear step by step instruction and sometimes hands on assistance -correcting and assisting the way an individual is standing, sitting or lying so that help can be given in learning how to perform the exercise movement in the correct postural alignment!

At Edinburgh Pilates one of the most rewarding areas of work definitely has to be in helping people discover and create their ideal programme, allowing each person to tune into their own physical needs and becoming aware of their body. Getting rid of old habits and feeling healthier and happier, all of this combined brings about exceptional results for that person, it is life changing!